Relax, loose and stretch


Therapeutic healing massages, lymphatic drainage, traditional Thai massage, foot reflex zone massage, honey massage and many more. The right relaxation for you.

The classic massage serves to relax, loosen and stretch our muscle tissue and helps you to reduce stress, which has a positive effect on your circulation and your overall well-being.

TREATMENT price from € incl. tax
Classic massage 30 min. 49,-
Classic massage 60 min. 79,-
Massage | Dr. Charlotte Grillitsch Kosmetic | Massage

Get rid of toxins, pollutants and distress


Through the special manual massage techniques the lymphatic transport capacity is increased several times in a gentle way. This way, the body is able to better get rid of toxins, pollutants and distress. Lymphatic drainage can be applied to the entire body. Manual lymphatic drainage is a decongestant therapy, which stimulates the lymphatic drainage and stimulates wound healing.

Mode of action of manual lymphatic drainage:

  • draining, decongesting, purifying
  • anti-inflammatory
  • analgesic
  • stimulates regeneration
  • strengthens body resistance
  • harmonises the vegetative nervous system
Lymphatic drainage at Wien Kosmetik | Dr. Charlotte Grillitsch

Lymphatic drainage face:
Gentle strokes ensure that the lymphatic vessels open and, as a result, waste products and toxins are removed and the tissue is drained. Recommended as post-operative therapy.

TREATMENT price from in € incl. tax
Lymphatic drainage face 30 minutes 59,-
Lymphatic drainage 30 minutes 55,-
Lymphatic drainage 45 minutes 69,-
Lymphatic drainage 60 minutes 89,-

Permanent hair removal


In laser hair removal, only hair follicles that are in the growth phase can be treated. At a given time, this applies only to a minority of hair. On the other hand, approximately 60 to 70 percent of our hair is in hibernation. It is therefore necessary to undergo several sessions spaced apart of between 6 and 8 weeks in order to achieve a complete and lasting hair removal result. Short, safe exposures of intense pulsed light are used to remove unwanted hair from the body area.

Indication: Hair removal
Short description: Long-lasting hair removal is only possible with high-performance lasers.
Downtime: None, slight redness for 1-2 hours
Number of treatments: from 3
Effect: after about 1 week

Laser hair removal | Dr. Charlotte Grillitsch Kosmetic | Massage
Don’t worry, the treatment is not science fiction. As can be seen in the video above high-energy light is directed to the skin during treatment. Light energy is converted into heat and passed on to the hair root. The heat effect destroys the root of the hair.

However, this only works for around a third of the hair that is currently growing. Therefore, the treatment must be carried out more often to really get all the hair.

First, a cooling gel is applied to the skin. The treatment is then carried out. After that, icepacks are placed on request. Immediately afterwards, slight redness and hair root irritation may occur. These can be treated with a soothing cream. Sun exposure as well as epilation or plucking should be discontinued 4 weeks before treatment.

The hair removal feels gentle on the skin. However, the laser impulses cause a slight tingling or pricking. A slight pricking rarely occurs in the more sensitive armpit or intimate area.
After the treatment, the first hairs fall out after a few days. The treatment is repeated after six to eight weeks. To really remove all hair permanently, three to eight sessions are necessary. It depends on the affected area of ​​the body and the thickness of the hair.
Basically, the costs vary depending on the area and the number of treatments needed. Below is an overview.

We also use the Ellipse laser for the treatment of pigment and age spots, for example.

Hair removal
from price in € incl. tax
Face 130
Upper lip 60
Chin 60
Neck 130
Hair removal
Upper part of body
Armpit 120
Forearms 200
Back 270
Breast 170
Belly 200
Hair removal
Lower part of body
Thigh 440
Buttocks 200
Bikini full 190
Bikini part 140
Legs full 520
Lower leg 360

Permanently smooth skin


First of all, the viscous sugar paste consists only of natural substances – sugar, water and lemon juice.
As a result, waxing is also suitable for people with particularly sensitive skin or allergy sufferers. In addition, the waxing paste is only heated to body heat, so that the mass feels pleasantly warm on the body.

Hair should be grown for 2 weeks before the first treatment, in order to have the optimal length for waxing.

Sugaring | Dr. Charlotte Grillitsch Kosmetic | Massage
TREATMENT price from in € incl. tax
Thigh 40,-
Lower leg 40,-
Bikini classic 35,-
Bikini brazilian 45,-
Bikini complete 65,-
MenZone 82,-
Back 55,-
Belly 35,-
Breast 35,-
Armpits 35,-
Forearms 40,-
Upper arms 40,-
Upper lip 15,-
Face 20,-

Freezing Fat


Freezing fat is the perfect way to get rid of unwanted fat deposits – without any surgery, needles or incisions. We dissolve fat cells through local cold effects on body parts such as the stomach or hips. The dissolved fat is normally excreted via the metabolism.

Short description: With cryolipolysis, fat deposits in problem zones can simply be frozen away.
Required treatments: 1-2 treatments
Regeneration Time: None
Aches: Hardly noticeable
Results: It takes 4 to 12 weeks until the dead fat is excreted. The advantage of this long-term process is that the result looks particularly natural. The skin does not slacken suddenly, but gets time to react to the dead fat.

Cryolipolysis removes fat using local cold. By freezing problem zones, fat cells die and are excreted via the metabolism. This is not a matter of general weight reduction, but of removing stubborn fat deposits.

All you have to do is lie in my practice for 70 minutes! After our initial consultation, I will first put on the protective fleece. Then the respective fat pads are sucked into cooling panels by a vacuum and cooled down to approx. three to four degrees Celsius. The cool temperatures damage the fat cells. In the weeks after the treatment, the fat dies off and is excreted in the body via the normal metabolism.

The following parts of the body can be treated:

  • Hip
  • Belly
  • Tigh
  • Upper arms
  • Back
  • Riding Breeches
  • Buttocks

With cryolipolysis, fat deposits can be removed without needles, incisions or surgery. Consequently, the treatment itself does not cause any pain. When the treated areas thaw, an unpleasant tension can arise. Sometimes patients report a feeling after the treatment that resembles sore muscles.

Unfortunately, there are many cryolipolyes that do not meet medical standards. My Cooltech® System is considered to be one of the best on the market, it can only be used by doctors.

In der Regel gehen wir von zwei Behandlungen aus, aber die Anzahl kann variieren. Manchmal reicht ein Termin aus. Sind die Fettpölsterchen jedoch hartnäckiger, kann es auch zu einer zweiten Behandlung kommen. Zwischen den Behandlungen muss ein Abstand von mindestens vier Wochen eingehalten werden.

Gleich nach der Behandlung können Sie wieder Ihrem normalen Alltag nachgehen, auch wenn die behandelten Stellen leicht gerötet sein können. Einen Tipp möchte ich Ihnen dennoch mitgeben: Viel trinken! 2 Liter Wasser am Tag unterstützen den schnellen Abtransport des abgestorbenen Fetts.

TREATMENT from price in € incl. tax
First treatment 790,-
Further treatments 490,-

Effective fat reduction


The shock wave is an invasive and painless treatment. The technology has long been used in orthopedics. Shock waves are high-energy sound waves that are introduced into the tissue with a special device. This promotes blood circulation.

Results: Usually 6 treatments are necessary to achieve an optimal result. In many cases the connective tissue can be improved or cellulite reduced and the skin tightened.

Short description: Shock waves significantly improve skin firmness, elasticity and new collagen formation.
Downtime: None
Required treatments: 4-6 treatments, 1x a week
Pain: Hardly noticeable

Shock waves are used to support fat reduction, for example after cryolipolysis or a fat-away syringe.
o Increase in blood flow
o Cell rejuvenation
o Strengthening the connective tissue
o Cellulite
o Removal of toxins (lymphatic drainage effect)
o Mechanical lipolysis
o Improvement of scar tissue
o New collagen formation
o Acceleration of the cavitation with fat reduction

You can feel a light tapping on the surface of the skin.

The shock waves are delivered directly to the affected areas using an applicator. Ultrasonic gel or massage oil is used to facilitate the transfer.

As a rule, the shock wave therapy is repeated about 5-10 times at 1-week intervals and then at 3-month intervals. Usually 6 treatments are necessary to achieve an optimal result.

TREATMENT from price in € incl. tax
Small area (double chin) 150,-
Normal area (stomach) 300,-
Large area (thigh) 450,-

Effective against cellulite and dents


Velashape shrinks fat cells and smoothes unsightly dents and cellulite. Four technologies combined in one device: radio frequency, infrared light, vacuum and mechanical massage. Without any downtime and with immediate effect. Tight tissue and it feels like a pleasant connective tissue massage. For upper arms, stomach, legs, buttocks and double chin.

Short description: Tightening of the tissue with heat and mechanical massage
Downtime: None
Required treatments: 6-10 treatments
Pain: Hardly noticeable
Results: The skin feels smoother immediately after the treatment. Redness subsides two to three hours afterwards. The effect lasts for months and should be refreshed every 3-6 months. The treatment then unfolds its full effectiveness.


Velashape is an innovative skin tightening device. The combination of vacuum, radio frequency and infrared means that unsightly dents and cellulite disappear permanently. The skin is briefly heated, whereupon collagen fibers can form again. This leads to an instant smoothing of the skin. In addition, this stimulates light redness is only visible for a few hours.

Once placed on the skin, the device uses vacuum skin suction technology and massage rollers to shape the treatment area. The radio frequency energy and infrared light penetrate the fat cells and temporarily perforate their membranes, releasing fatty acids, glycerin and water into the body and then shrinking them. The process can also increase collagen production, tighten and smooth the skin to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

As with Endermologie, the vacuum creates the feeling of a pleasant connective tissue massage. The heat is comfortable and not painful.

The vacuum roller sucks in the tissue, after which it is heated using radio frequency and infrared. The fat cells are penetrated and the membrane becomes more permeable. As a result, they release glycerine and liquid and shrink. The collagen production is stimulated by heating to 42 degrees. Old collagen is destroyed and new, better, firmer collagen is formed. The effect becomes really clear after 6-8 weeks.

In best case 6 treatments every 2 weeks are ideal. Then the result is refreshed, depending on the type of tissue between every 2 or every 3 months.

TREATMENT from price in € incl. tax
Small area (double chin) 120,-
Normal area (stomach) 180,-
Large area (thigh) 360,-