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Beautiful eyebrows


Microblading from Japan and is the future of new and gentle eyebrow pigmentation with natural results. As an important part of the face, symmetrical, even eyebrows contribute to the beauty of a harmonious overall picture.

microbleeding Dr. Charlotte Grillitsch | Kosmetik & Massage

For microblading no machine is used – this is the biggest difference to normal permanent make-up. It is a manual pigmentation method that makes it possible to respond personally to every customer request. By means of precise measurement and drawing on the face before the procedure, an individual look is created for each customer. A pigmentation color matched to the skin type and eye color completes the natural dream result. This method is ideal for all customers who want to improve and perfect the original shape of their eyebrows or the even fullness of their hair.

BEFOREMicroblading before Dr. Charlotte Grillitsch | Kosmetik & Massage

Before your treatment a detailed consultation is very important. Our certified specialist staff will be happy to answer all your questions and advise you professionally on the optimal choice of colors and shapes.

To achieve the perfect result, you should avoid the following on the day before and on the day of treatment:

  • Alcohol consumption
  • Blood thinning agents (e.g. aspirin)
  • Eyebrow staining up to 1 week before microblading

A microblading stick and the so-called “blades” are used for pigmentation. With this pen, individual, fine lines in the form of hairs are worked into the skin with gentle pressure, which form the framework of the pigmentation. The drawn hairs are so fine that you can hardly distinguish them from the real eyebrow hairs. The desired pigmentation color is then applied to the pre-drawn fine hairs and massaged in. After a short exposure time, natural wound healing begins and the color is enclosed. The treatment takes about 1.5 hours and the beautiful, natural-looking result lasts up to 2 years.

During the after-treatment your naturally acting hairs will be refreshed with color and intensified. With microblading, the same hair drawing can easily be traced more often. Thus the desired result of the eyebrow remains. In order to guarantee you the best results, we recommend that you follow up after 1 month.

The care of your eyebrows after treatment is extremely important. You will receive detailed care instructions and an ointment that prevents the eyebrows from drying out.

We recommend to follow this instructions:

  • Applying ointment for 7 days ( every 2 – 3 hours )
  • Clean carefully the eyebrows with water at the same day
  • If the skin bled a little during the treatment, carefully wash the eyebrows with water several times a day
  • Sauna and solarium visits are not recommended for 10 days after the procedure
  • When applying make-up and if you use creams and make-up removal products, leave out the part around the eyebrows
  • Do not expose yourself to the sun for ten days after the procedure

After a few days you will notice that the color change up to two shades – this is quite normal because the color is absorbed by the skin. Since the healing process is different for every person, the color can be up to 50% lighter. That is why it is necessary to carry out post-treatment after 1 month.

The care of your eyebrows after the treatment is extremely important, so be careful for the first five days that your eyebrows don’t dry out. Follow our simple guidelines you received during treatment.

TREATMENT price from in € incl. tax
First treatment including post-treatment
after 3 – 5 weeks
any further microblading refresh 290,-

Professional & high quality permanent make-up


Perfect make-up in every situation, permanent make-up makes it possible

Permanent make-up can thicken light eyebrows, give lips more volume through new contours or trace them more beautifully, conceal scars or cleverly place a beautiful birthmark.

The aim is to underline your natural beauty, adjusted to individual wishes.

Permanent Make-up Wienkosmetik | Dr. Charlotte Grillitsch

Permanent makeup is pricked with very thin needles. A blocking system ensures that the needles only penetrate the epidermis. Mineral or synthetic color pigments are injected into the skin surface through these needles.

Before the procedure, the desired contours of the permanent make-up are drawn on the skin, then the pigments are inserted millimeter by millimeter under local anesthesia with a very thin needle. Permanent makeup is nowhere near as painful as the classic tattoo.

An intervention lasts an average of one hour. The makeup is refreshed two weeks later. Immediately after treatment, skin reddening and slight swelling can be expected for one to two weeks. The treated areas must therefore be cleaned carefully and thoroughly.

Permanent makeup usually lasts three to five years. Over time, the artificially introduced color pigments are eliminated by the natural skin renewal, so that the color gradually fades.

TREATMENT price from in € incl. tax
Permanent make-up 250,-