Naturally well-manicured hands & nails


Today more than ever, a perfect appearance is responsible for the first impression on people. Hands are a part of the human body that get noticed, Therefore, manicure for us has become a must.

Our manicure includes the following: Finger nails cut and filing, hand bath, removal of cuticles and, at the end, a hand cream massage.

The cuticle is pushed back gently, using a double instrument or a rosewood stick; this is not painful.

Of course, manicured hands and nails for about 3-4 weeks.

The results are immediately visible after treatment.

Depending on how regularly you wish to come. However, we recommend repeating the treatment every 3 to 4 weeks if you want to have perfectly manicured hands.

The hands are disinfected and then soaked in a warm hand bath. Cut and filing of nails. The cuticle is then pushed back, and dead and cracked skin removed by cuticle nippers or scissors.

On request, we also offer Shellac: this gel varnish is applied after the manicure and hardened by a UV lamp. The result can be seen immediately. 3 weeks perfectly manicured nails, without chips. The base coat is applied first, followed by the varnish desired and, finally, by the top coat.

TREATMENT price in € incl. tax
Manicure 40,-
Manicure with Shellac 60,-
Manicure with paraffin 55,-
Manicure wellness 65,-

Cosmetic feet treatment


Our pedicure includes the following: Feet bath, toenails cutting and filing, removal of dead skin polishing, nail varnish if desired, cream.
The pedicure is one of the essential elements of our beauty and care program. The pedicure is the cosmetic treatment of feet, including nails and heels. You absolutely should include a pedicure in your beauty care plan. Along with smooth skin on your legs, carefully pedicured feet perfect your appearance – especially in the sandals summer season.

Our pedicure includes the following: Feet bath, removal of calluses, cutting and filing of nails, removal of cuticles and finally a foot cream massage.

The pedicure is a soothing treatment of the feet. The word pedicure comes from Latin (per pedes) and is now a treatment that everyone would like to afford.

The pedicure is generally not painful; if, however, you suffer from ingrown nails or corns, you may feel something.

Neat feet and toenails: a pleasant, weightless feeling. Help for problems such as ingrown nails, corns, hyperkeratosis and nail fungus.

The result is immediately visible after the foot treatment.

Depending on how regularly you want to undergo treatment. We recommend repeating the treatment every 3-4 weeks.

The feet are first soaked in a hot foot bath (lukewarm in case of spider veins or varicose veins). Then calluses are removed using a scalpel. Nails are cut and filed. Then they are cleaned out. Ingrown nails and corns are treated.

Shellac is a type of gel varnish, and is becoming increasingly popular. It absolutely keeps its promises. 3-4 weeks with no chips Popular especially in the summer. Shellac consists of 4 layers, first the base coat is applied, followed by the varnish in the desired colour, then the top coat which seals everything.

After the pedicure, the feet are dipped in the paraffin. This soothing bath protects the feet from fissures and makes your skin velvety soft. Peach wax is heated up to about 35 ° C, the feet are immersed directly in it. The active ingredients can reach deeper inside the layers of the skin thanks to the warm temperature. In addition, it also positively impacts on the joints. It also works as a therapy for rheumatism.

The electrolysis foot bath is based on an electro-physical charge exchange, which can be felt during use by a pleasant tingling sensation in the feet. With a special converter, negatively charged ions are generated in the salt water (brine) of the foot bath, which resonate with the body via the soles of the feet. These negatively charged ions bind the positively charged pollutants in the body and neutralize them so that they can be excreted through the skin, kidneys, lungs and intestines in the following 24–48 hours. According to an independent laboratory study, the DETOX foot bath is the only known method with which uric acid can be discharged directly through the pores of the feet. At the same time, the body cells are electrically revitalized, the body fluids are cleaned and activated so that they can fully support the body as a means of transport and cleaning.

TREATMENT from Price in € incl. tax
Pedicure 50,-
Pedicure with Shellac 65,-
Pedicure with varnish 60,-
Detox Pedicure 80,-
Pedicure wellness 74,-

Treatment of nail fungus


Nail fungus ellipse treatment is performed if nail fungus tincture is not working for you. The nail fungus laser offers a reliable, gentle treatment without the risk of unpleasant side effects. A series of infrared light flashes are emitted all over the entire nail, including nail folds (the skin directly around the sides and the base of the nail). These areas heat up and destroy the existing fungus. To ensure complete coverage, the number of pulses is repeated four times, with the individual flashes overlapping. If one nail has onychomycosis, the healthy nails are treated as well.

There is no pain, only a sensation of gentle warmth.

The result is visible approx. after 3-4 weeks, when the new nail grows clear and without fungus.

Typically, 3 sessions are required, with a month interval for fingernails and two months for toenails.

TREATMENT price from in € incl. tax
Nail fungs laser 110,-
Nail fungs laser incl. pedicure 165,-